How I work

The nature of built-in units inevitably means that no two jobs are the same, thus being bespoke and unique to your property. Although every unit I make varies in size and style, the process for ‘How I work’ remains the same. The process is proven to ensure the highest quality of work and ensures an efficient, slick customer service. To kick things off, I just ask that you send me some key pieces of information. The more information I have, the easier the process.

Quote Stage

Firstly, please send through a photo of the area, in which you want the unit built, along with some rough measurements and explanation of what kind of storage unit you require i.e. doors, shelves, drawer, hanging rails and so on. Also, a rough hand drawn sketch at this point indicating a layout you desire, is often really handy. 

If you have seen a specific unit on the website that you really like and want for yourself, simply indicate at this stage. Alternatively I am more than happy to explore replicating any designs you have seen out and about, or elsewhere online. Simply attach some pictures to begin the discussion. 

Upon this initial contact I will be able to pull together ‘a rough quote’ based on the information you have provided. Assuming that this rough costing suits your budget and you are happy with the service thus far, we can arrange a site visit. Here we can talk in more detail about what you want, discuss other options, and take further measurements to finalise a quote for your project. Final sketches (by myself) of the unit(s), can be drawn at this stage if needed.

If you are happy with the final quote and wish to proceed, we can book the project in the diary. (Often, with bigger projects, a deposit will be required upfront before the work is carried out.

Construction Stage

I will make contact with you, the week before work is due to start, to simply double check you are happy with the final design. 

Although I do aim to cut some of the bigger materials off site, to minimise my dust and mess, due to the fact that the units are bespoke and built in, some cutting and sanding is required to be done on site. I will bring all appropriate dust sheets and protective covering where needed;  however anything you can do to help either create more space in the room or protect personal belongings would be appreciated. 

All projects vary in complexity and construction time, but most units can be completed within 1-3 days (although this excludes the decoration stage). The length of the project will be discussed upon the initial home visit. 

Upon completion of the project,  I will ensure the house is cleaned and left the way I found it. 

I don’t offer a decoration service personally, however I do work alongside a very good decorator, who ensures fantastic results. He offers a spray service, that ensures all my doors have a perfectly smooth finish.


"Compared to other carpenters, Stefan took the time to really understand what we wanted, as well advised on any points we were not sure on. Execution was great and also very quick without any disturbance to the house"

- Silvia Nadine